Tournament Only Teams

Tournament Only Team Submission Instructions


A Tournament Only Team is a team which is made for the sole purpose of playing in a tournament.  All standard player registration and team rostering rules apply including age eligibility, roster size and coach requirements.  Tournament only teams are valid for the seasonal year; expiring on August 31.  Tournament Only teams can get their official paperwork through MSYSA directly by following the directions below:  


Tournament Only Team Includes:                             Cost $100.00

·       MSYSA Approved Roster

·       Player Passcards

·       Team Official(s) Passcards

·       Player Insurance


Required at submission:

1.     Roster Template Form – Complete the team roster template.  Do not change template format. Do not type over column headings.  Save document as “team name” in CSV, (comma delimited) format only. 

2.     Proof of Birth for each player (e.g.: Birth Certificate, State Issued ID, Passport).  Please scan all players proof of birth as one PDF document. 

3.     Color photo of each player, jpeg format only.  Save each picture with player name.  Please compress/zip the file attachments.  It may be that you will have to send the compressed/zipped photos in a separate email.  

4.     Parent/Athlete Acknowledgement Form for all players on the roster.  Please scan signed forms for all players as one PDF document.  Link to form:

5.     Heads-Up Concussion Training Completion Certificate for any Team Official on the roster.  Link to Heads-Up Training Video:

6.     Valid Risk Management for all Team Officials on the roster. 

7.     $100.00 payment paid by check, cash or credit card.  To pay using a credit card click here

8.     Submit all above items to [email protected].  Please allow a minimum of one week turnaround time.


Please keep in mind:

·       Tournament Only Player Passcards cannot be used as Guest Passcards for league games.

·       Tournament Only Teams traveling to out of state tournaments must complete the online submission for a Notification to Travel.  Link to complete Notification to Travel:

·       Team Officials (Coach, Assistant Coach and Manager) must have Risk Management and HeadsUp! Completion Certificate


Helpful Information

·       Notification to Travel Request:

·       Add or remove players from Tournament Only Roster:  Email [email protected].